Mihshuv Information Systems Group was founded in 1977 by its president Mr. Moshe Matsliah, owning today 4 companies specializing in various areas of business applications.


The Groups' expertise is in developing and implementing a wide range of IT solutions, products and services with the subsidiaries: Kontroller, Bellboy and Mihshuv. 


we have gained significant experience in major functional units of the organization such as finance, supply chain, sales, manufacturing, PMO, and in ERP/CRM systems such as Oracle, SAP, Priority and Salesforce.


Mihshuv Information Systems Group has developed and marketed for over 3 decades the leading Profit ERP. This activity was sold in 2011. 


At Mihshuv Group we know that creating great software is only the starting point and that real success is determined by the support given to our customers. We are very proud of our client base: it constitutes a live evidence of the quality of our services and products.