Make Your Dream Come True & Grow With Us

Who we are

Kontroller CPM Software Ltd. Is a part of Mihshuv Group which includes 5 software companies, that one of them develops and markets an ERP product and another specializes in Qlik BI.

Over the years the BI company has won many projects to develop customized financial consolidation systems, then we discovered a great demand for BI in the financial field because of the lack of financial analysis tools in most ERP systems. So we decided to take advantage of our knowledge in both areas of accounting and BI and especially of our specialization in software product development, and then started to develop a Web-based, Qlik BI embedded CPM product, this is how Kontroller was born.

Our mission is to provide, small to medium-sized enterprises (5 to 100 subsidiaries), with an advanced and sophisticated, flexible, easy-to-use CPM system, that requires a short implementation project.


We listen

We listen to either our clients and each other. Together we find the best decisions to perform cutting-edge producs for you.


We think

We think on every project and its details to eliminate bugs in future. We know how to find the right solution for problems of different complexibility.


We create

We are proud that we can offer high-quality products which we created after searching for the best ideas and implementing them the right way.


Our personalized demo allows you to speak directly with a senior solution
specialist and discover the key functionalities of Kontroller.