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No More Tedious Work On Spreadsheets

While demand for financial information by stock exchanges and other entities are clearly on the rise, effective ERP solutions for consolidated financial statements are still lacking. As a result, Finance departments still have to rely on spreadsheets such as Excel to perform highly complex financial analysis and reporting.

But is a spreadsheet the right tool for the job? It takes dozens to hundreds of spreadsheets to collect and process data from multiple sources, and keeping track of all your postings during the process is next to impossible. Surely there must be a better way!

KONTROLLER efficiently keeps track of all spreadsheets while accurately performing financial analyses, activities and reporting – saving time and managing all your financial data without the spreadsheets storage risk.

Faster Financial Processes  Through Smart Automation

Consolidating financial statements take time, whether quarterly or annually. The many repetitive steps of collecting data from various branches, verifying and examining the data, eliminating inter-company transactions, converting currencies and more can take a lot of time and resources. The good news is that these repetitive activities are automated by KONTROLLER.

KONTROLLER includes a provides a data integration engine that automatically imports all financial transactions from the different legal entities’ ERP systems (SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics, QuickBooks, MS FNO, NetSuite), and even from Excel sheets. This data extraction engine is natively configured for large ERP systems. In addition, additional connectors for new ERP and/or accounting systems can be customized.

KONTROLLER does the budgeting, planning and operational and management reports and analyses, and produces all the regulatory financial consolidated reports in accordance with GAAP and IFRS accounting standards.

Based on our customers’ experience, financial consolidation processing time takes only 5 to 7 days, compared to 4 to 6 weeks without KONTROLLER.

Gain Trust & Confidence in  Your Financial Data & Reports

The accuracy of data and information is of great importance in every industry, especially in the financial field where the numbers must match perfectly.

An error in presenting financial reports to external parties such as the stock exchange and/or shareholders, can have devastating consequences. This is why the accountants spend so many days checking the data and performing the calculations over and over again. But the results often come out different, which requires more time and resources to fix.

KONTROLLER performs each and every step in the process automatically – including importing the data from the ERP systems and performing all the necessary calculations, such as translations and revaluations of currencies, allocations, and production of all the consolidated statements and analyses.

When all processes are automated to perfection, confidence in your work is ensured by the accuracy and integrity of the numbers.

Better Financial Data,  Better Decision Making

The Qlik BI technology embedded in KONTROLLER combined with the enterprise’s comprehensive financial data warehouse serve as a perfect basis for any required analysis of the business activities, whether at the individual company level or at the consolidation level.

The flexibility and power of using the Pivot Table feature together with the Drill-down function to the journal entry line’s level to analyze the organizational activity in an in-depth and simple way.

From the regulatory reports through reports by various dimensions to complex financial analytics like WHAT If scenarios, KONTROLLER provides a one-of-a-kind analysis platform.

One Financial  Truth for All

Today, financial management and analysis are required at any level of the enterprise, divisions, markets, products and sub-activities. Sometimes the activity crosses companies. If some of the financial management and analyses are performed in separate software systems, in many cases the numbers will not match the central accounting system.

KONTROLLER manages a warehouse of all the enterprise’s financial data that has been checked and balanced in all relevant currencies – serving as a single source of reliable and accurate data.

Fast Setup  and Deployment

The purpose of a software system implementation project is to integrate the product, effectively, into the enterprise’s workflow, while providing response to its needs. if it is CPM software, that inherently involves a large number of companies in different countries, the task becomes more complex.

In order to overcome unexpected delays and meet budget planning and schedules Kontroller CPM Software company has developed a unique methodology for implementing KONTROLLER.

In the first stage, the implementation project manager, interviews all the accountants involved in the consolidation process, the operating and management levels that are supposed to use the system outputs, and prepares a detailed design and planning of the implementation project. The document details the current situation of financial management in each and every company and the needs of consolidated reports and analysis, at all levels of the enterprise.

After the approval by the client, the design outputs are integrated on a pre-built Gantt chart, which contains all the project’s activities, and thus the implementation project plan and its schedule are obtained.

Agile Cloud or  On-premise Environments

KONTROLLER has been developed with advanced WEB technology so that it can run on any public hosting and on a private enterprise server, as well.

The system is exactly the same in both cases and you can even start using a private server and move to a cloud and vice versa.


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