Financial Reporting  & Analysis

Deliver Accurate Reports. Statutory, Operational and Executive.

Financial Reporting  & Analysis

Use pre-built BI models for financial and operational reports and for executive analyses, all on the same data warehouse. The data warehouse of Kontroller stores all required data, eventually at the lowest level of detail, to support a detailed justification of all results.

Self-service reporting allows to provide detailed reports to operational managers: for example, cost centers managers can access the details of the costs assigned to their entity in a single self-service report. The same functionality can be provided to profit centers managers.

The Key Features

Key Feature

Statutory  Reports

  • Full financial consolidation: Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Cash Flow statement, Changes in Equity and Notes to the financial statement.
  • Pre-built automatic consolidation processes: Inter-company eliminations, NCI – Non-controlling interests, Balance Sheet adjustments, equity rules and more.
  • Currency conversion and revaluation.
  • Close process.
  • Control reports, analytical review.
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Key Feature

Operational Reports for Cost Centers Managers and Profit Centers Managers

  • Profit and Loss by cost center and profit centers vs budget.
  • Analyses combining financial and non-financial data.
  • Cross-year analysis of Profit and Loss.
  • Multi-dimensional analyses
  • Help analysts “slice and dice” the actual and budget numbers, explore trends and more.
  • Manage hierarchies of dimensions, products, regions, segments.
  • Data can be viewed grouped or detailed by drill up or down along the hierarchies.

Key Feature

Customizable Dashboards  & KPIs

  • Strong visualization tool based on Qlik
  • Build your own Dashboard and KPIs in order to visualize and communicate performance
  • All KPIs together in one place on the consolidated data
  • Instant snapshot of which areas are on target and how this impacts the company
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Key Feature

What-if  Scenarios

  • Create a what-if scenario analysis that evaluates different scenarios to predict their effects, both positive and negative, on the financial reports
  • By using What-If Analysis you can use several different sets to explore all the various results
  • Build scenarios based on actual numbers, budget\target numbers, last year numbers etc.


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