Advanced Analytics  & Dashboarding

Advanced Intelligence. Self-service BI. What-if Scenarios.

Advanced Analytics  & Dashboarding

Use pre-built BI advanced models, dashboards and KPI’s, for executive analyses, taking advantage of the comprehensive financial data warehouse, including accounting and budgeting transactions and What-if scenarios results. The Kontroller data warehouse stores all required data, eventually at the lowest level of detail, including amounts in all consolidation currencies, to support a complete justification of all numbers.

What-if feature allows to check the impact of evaluated future financial changes on the individual company or/and on the entire group performance. What-if results could also update the budget amounts of the coming months.

The Key Features

Key Feature

Customizable Dashboards  & KPI’s

  • Strong visualization tool based on Qlik.
  • Build your own Dashboard and KPIs in order to visualize and communicate performance.
  • All KPIs together in one place on the consolidated data.
  • Instant snapshot of which areas are on target and how this impacts on the company.
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Key Feature

What-if  Scenarios

  • Create what-if scenario analysis that evaluates different scenarios to predict their effects, both positive and negative, on the financial reports.
  • By using What-If Analysis you can use several different sets of to explore all the various results.
  • Build scenarios based on actual numbers, budget\target numbers, last year numbers etc.


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